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Kart parts of VHM
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VHM solid billet piston

With many years of experience in research and design in 2 stroke piston, has lead us in the development and manufacturing of piston machined from a solid billet material. This gives us the great possibility to change quickly to any shape. Other improved material properties can be tested quickly without high cost and we have great control over dimensional accuracy.


  • Fully CNC machined
  • Precision machined ring grooves
  • Bottom oilers for pin lubrication
  • Precision machined for exact pin clearince
  • VHM special high quality billet aluminum alloy
  • Unique internal shape for increased rigidity and optimum strength in critical stress areas
  • Cylindrical shape during operating temperature
  • Tapered piston pin for reduced weight

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Revision 20-12-2016

Oil air-vent plug TM K9B/C, KZ10/B/C

New oil air-vent plug for the karting engine TM K9B/C, KZ10/B/C. The OEM oil plug needs a hose for air breathing, but oil can flood out of the engine through the hose of the plug. With the VHM oil air-vent plug, no oil can flood out of the plug. The plug has seperate chambers were air can extract, but oil remains in the engine.

Short intake & reed valve insert

Using the short intake and reed valve insert will improve the engine response. The intake plate is made of high grade aluminum and includes a O-ring seal. No liquid gaskets and cleaning is necessary. The plate is extra strong due to the reinforcement ribs.

The reed valve insert has a better shape and another volume for better engine performances. The OEM rubber intake fits perfectly on the aluminum plate (rubber intake not included).

The intake is available in a short and extra short version and is suitable for the TM KZ10 karting engines.


DA31195-A The intake is only extra short on the KZ9B/C and KZ10 from 2008-2012. It also fits on the KZ10B/C from 2012-2017, but has the same length as original intake.

Special inserts for standard cylinder headcover

Besides the VHM cylinder headsets we offer special inserts for the standard cylinder headcover. All inserts are available with machined combustion chamber or not machined “blind insert”. With the “blind” insert, you are able to machine the combustion chamber by yourselve.

If your engine is not shown on the chart, don't hestitate to contact us for a request.

The line-up for the special inserts:

Brand Type Insert
Contact us to select the correct type of insert for your engine.
Iame 125 Shifter AE32197
Iame 125 Screamer AE32246
Maranello 125 KZ AE32210
125 KZ AE32211
Maranello 125 KF AE32212
Maxter 125 AE32171
125 KZ AE32175
125 KZ/ICC AE32177
Modena 125cc AE32234
Pavesi 125 AE32055
Rotax Fr 125 Max 125 AE32008
TM 125 KZ10 AE32203

Caster camber pills

With VHM caster camber pills the adjustment possibilities of the camber and caster are increased by the 16 holes. On the caster camber pill a trust edge has been introduced for very easy adjustment with the hand without any special tool. The VHM caster camber pills are made of aluminum or stainless steel and suitable for CRG, Zanardi, Maddox and Maranello karts.

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